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This is the home page of the Linux kernel backports project.

We provide drivers released on newer kernels backported for usage on older kernels. The project started since 2007 and was originally known as 'compat-wireless', evolved to 'compat-drivers' and was recently renamed simply to backports.

Both daily snapshots based on linux-next, and stable releases based Linux's stable releases are provided.

The project aims to optimize the backporting process by not only providing backported drivers but by also aiming to automatically backport the Linux kernel by optimizing backporting collateral evolutions.

There is now v3.10- releases available for testing, see the for the latest tarballs. Most of the documentation needs to be updated. Volunteers are welcomed.


Backports releases

 * Backports release page

General documentation

 * Backports mailing list
 * Get news or updates through social media
 * Backports documentation
   * compat
   * compat-drivers
 * reporting bugs
   * backports bugzilla

Hacker documentation


Most important of all, IRC. Join us: #kernel-backports

Hacker documentation

 * Documented backport meetings
 * hacking on backports
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