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   * [[compat-drivers|compat-drivers documentation]]
   * [[compat-drivers|compat-drivers documentation]]
<h1>Hacking on the project</h1>
Read the [[Hacking|hacking documentation]].
<h2>TODO list</h2>
Read the [[Hacking#TODO|hacking TODO]] for a list of wish items we should be working towards.

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This page is dedicated towards documentation to all backports components.

Backports components

There are currently two components to the backports effort.


compat is a shared module / headers that implements newer features for usage on older kernels.

 * compat documentation


compat-drivers is the framework that pulls code from the Linux kernel, adds the compat module and backports features that compat could not backport within its module / headers.

 * compat-drivers documentation
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