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In order to backport the Linux kernel we must divide and conquer the tasks at hand.

This is now deprecated use hacking on backports.


Backport components

There are currently two components to the backports effort.


compat is a shared module / headers that implements newer features for usage on older kernels.

 * git:// compat documentation


compat-drivers is the framework that pulls code from the Linux kernel, adds the compat module and backports features that compat could not backport within its module / headers.

 * git:// compat-drivers documentation

Getting all required code

To be able to make releases and test building releases however you need quite a bit more code. The setup is simplified with scripts from the compat.git tree. To set your system up for the first time you can run:


chmod 755 get-compat-trees get-compat-kernels 


Hacking on the project

You should realize that there are a few components to the project and that although they are used together each one can be considered independent of each other.

 * Read the hacking on compat documentation.
 * Read the hacking on compat-drivers documentation.

TODO list

Read the hacking TODO for a list of wish items we should be working towards.

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